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The boost for horses, a complete boost of energy and vitamins!

Vitasporal is the boost injector for when the horse needs extra food, energy, and vitamins.
Vitasporal contains vegetable fats and oils and essential vitamins A, D and E.
Vitasporal is easy to enter by the handy injector with tasty pasta. The horse is excellent.

Excellent use:
• Just before a race
• When recovering during or after an illness
• In foals immediately after birth
• With carrying or nursing mares
• With growing foals or young horses
• In older horses
• With dull hairdressing or during treatment
• Every 4 weeks during the 'R' in the month
• In case of a cold or support during therapy
• During the worming of horse or pony

For when the horse needs an extra energy boost with a boost of nutrients.

Feeding advice
1 injector per horse.

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