Excellent Vitamin E Plus

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Feed supplement for horses.
Vitamin E Plus is a balanced plus supplement with Vitamin E, Selenium and Lysine. These are important nutrients for the support of muscles, resistance, and fertility.
Vitamin E Plus contains Dextrose for the necessary immediate energy to maintain and build muscles.
Vitamin E Plus is very tasty. The horse will thereby easily absorb. Ideal for use with (young) horses in training or breeding horses. Also a great supplement for horses in stressful situations.
Use Vitamin E Plus for additional support and development for optimum growth and performance in sport and breeding.
Excellent for:
• Young horses in training
• Stallions
• Mares in preparation for the gestation
• Growing foals or young horses
• Competition and workhorses
Feed instruction
Easy to mix with all sorts of feed.
10 gram per day.

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