Vitamin E Forte Pallets

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Vitamin E Forte in pellet form from the Waldhausen brand supports your horse and pony for better performance, condition, and resilience. Vitamin E supports the muscles and joints of the horse and pony and helps build muscle.
  • Vitamin E in pallets
  • can increase performance, fitness, and resilience
  • has a positive effect on muscles and joints
  • supports muscle building
  • premium quality made in Germany
  • produced under strict quality control
  • content 1000 grams
  • resealable packaging
Composition: corn 34.00%, wheat bran 18.00%, steam-heated soy flour 10.00%,
dextrose 8.00%, propylene glycol 2.00%, beet molasses 1.00%, soybean oil 1.00%
Analysis constituents: crude protein 11.00%, crude fiber 2.40%, unrefined oils and fats 13.1%, crude ash 2.10%.
Additives per kg:
Nutritional additives: L-lysine 20,000 mg, vitamin E 100,000 mg, vitamin C 25,000 mg,
selenium as sodium selenite (E 8) 15 mg
Feeding Instructions:
Large horses (600 kg): 50 g per day
Small horses: 25 g per day
(1 full measuring spoon = approx. 25 g)
A maximum of 300 grams per day may be fed! This is due to the higher content of vitamins and trace elements compared to complete feeds.
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