WH Test bridle 11 Two Star

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Note: Test service is only available for the Netherlands. The bridles are not being sent outside the Netherlands.

The test bridle 11 of the test service of Art of Riding is the bitless 2 in 1 bridle Star Two. This bridle can be used as a Side Pull and as a cross over. The crossed PP cords can be removed with a clip closure from the bridle, creating a SidePull. By attaching the cords you can use the cross-jaw system. The bridle is adjustable on the cheekpiece, jaw strap, chin strap and equipped with a browband

  • side pull and cross over in one
  • jaw cords in reinforced PP and removable with a clip closure
  • with browband
  • adjustable cheek pads, jaw strap, and chin strap
  • sizes pony, cob and full
  • color test bridle brown

Bridle option: web strap bridle with stops


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