F.R.A. Tabal leather bit

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Article number: 3903708510
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  • handmade leather bit
  • tanned leather, without paint bath
  • is known as a friendly bit.
  • the bit has no mechanical effect
  • the bit will form to the horse's mouth

Use the first time:

With a new learning bit, the horse can react somewhat uncomfortably and sensitively. You can rub the corners of the mouth with Vaseline on first use.


Always make sure that the bit is soft and smooth. Grease the dry areas with sunflower oil. Do not use leather oil!


9.5 cm XXS for shetland 
10.5 cm XS small ponies
11.5 cm S for pony and arab
12.5 cm M horse
13.5 cm L Large horse
14.5 cm XL Extra large horse
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