F.R.A. Super Girth Dressage

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The most important feature of the FRA super girth in dressage model is that the girth is elastic over the full length and width, with a degree of elasticity that is fully tailored to the abdominal forces of our horse. This high-quality girth from German manufacture is woven from high-quality "Polyamide 6" elastic threads, which are characterized by an extremely high elasticity.

Advantages of the Supersingel from FRA:

  • Elastic in both length and width
  • The open structure of the weave ensures air permeability
  • Full freedom of movement for horse and pony
  • No more cracks due to peak loads
  • Soft and friendly pressure distribution
  • Sublinging is superfluous
  • The girth adjusts 100%
  • gives 100% to the changing size of your horse's belly
  • The girth is machine washable at 30 ° C

More information:
This special technique of weaving 20 elastic filaments, which in itself consists of the 9 pieces of single “polyamide 6” threads, is unparalleled anywhere else in the world. In the end product, it ultimately makes it possible to produce a girth that results in an unprecedented soft and friendly pressure distribution for the horse.

A simple comparison to know what your horse feels about the girth is your feeling that arises when you wear stretch clothing yourself. With different body postures or activities, the stretch remains soft to the touch and there is no obstruction of movement. The bumps of your saddle are also spared, the elasticity of the girth, as with other girths, gives no peak load, so that they can no longer tear. The open structure of the weave ensures air permeability, allowing moisture (sweat) to pass through.

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