Stübben Stirrup leathers Mono the Luxe

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Stübben de Luxe mono stirrup leathers for closest contact between horse and rider. Made of three-ply, soft and highly abrasion-proof vachette leather (untreated Italian leather). A very hard-wearing textile core will ensure the required security. The buckle area and the top end of the strap are made of precious sleek leather, emphasizing attention to detail. In the leg area, the normal two layers of stirrup leather have been reduced to only one strap. There is less bulge in the leg area and no buckle under the adductor muscle. The length of the de Luxe MONO stirrup leather is adjusted above the stirrup eyelet. Available in different colors and lengths, these stirrup leathers leave nothing to be desired. Look out for the Stübben emblem.


  • M : 68 cm
  • L : 78 cm
  • XL: 88 cm


  • Black
  • Ebony



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