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Waldhausen Star Two's bitless bridle is the two-in-one bitless bridle that can be used as a Side Pull and as a  Cross-over. Polypropylene's jaw cords can be easily and quickly removed with a clip closure from the bridle, creating a SidePull. By attaching the cords, you can use the cross-over. The bridle is adjustable on the cheek pieces, jaw strap, and chin strap. The bridle has a straight browband and comes with web band reins. The bridle is available in size pony and the colors black and brown. For example, the bridle is ideal, dressage riding with a Side Pull and riding in the field with a cross-over for just a little more control because your pony is more enthusiastic when riding in the field.
  • Side Pull and cross-over in one bridle
  • jaw cords of reinforced PP and quickly removable with clip closure
  • including straight browband
  • adjustable cheek-pieces, jaw strap, and chin strap
  • including web band rein with buckle closure
  • pony size
  • colors black and brown

Good and low-price bridle collection by Waldhausen - with a perfect price-performance ratio! Quality leather.

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