Horse Treats

Horse treats

Rewarding your horse can be done in many ways, including a treat. Horse treats are available in different shapes, flavors, and brands. By Art of Riding, you will find tasty and healthy horse treats to reward your horse or pony. In our range, you will find rewards from brands such as Likit and Waldhausen.

Which reward do I choose?

In our range, you will find horse treats and horse bars. When training your horse, you can choose to use a food reward with a horse treat. With a food reward, you stimulate the positive behavior of your horse or pony. You reward them after doing something right.

You can give a horse treat for various reasons:

  • as a greeting when your horse first sees the day
  • when your horse comes to you from the pasture when you call him
  • that your horse stays still after you have mounted
  • when loading your horse trailer
  • as positive reinforcement during a workout (something well done)

With a feed reward, you decide when your horse deserves a reward and not your horse!

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