Halters & Ropes

Are you looking for a new halter and a lead rope?

Find your perfect halters and lead rope in the Art of Riding online shop. Halters in various colors with and without fur and matching halters with carabiner clip or panic closure.

When do you need a halter?

Using a halter makes it easier to lead your horse by hand, to secure it at the petting site, in the trailer, or the meadow. In combination with the lead rope, the horse is easy to guide and lunge with a lunge line. The right choice of a halter depends on the character of your horse, where do you want to use it for, but also what you wish for.
In general, halters are used in combination with lead ropes that can be clipped to the halter with a panic hook or snap hook. It is always wise to use a panic hook when you tie up your horse when your horse hangs from the rope; you can quickly release the clip and prevent accidents or damage to the neck.

Which halter do you need?

A nylon halter is one of the most used and sold halters. A nylon halter breaks when a lot of force is applied to the halter so that severe damage to your horse is prevented. A rope halter is not suitable for securing your horse, but ideal for when your horse needs a halter in the pasture or groundwork and riding. The nylon and rope halters are low maintenance and can easily be washed in the washing machine or with a hand wash. The halters are available in many different colors.

Buy your new halter directly online in the Art of Riding shop.

You will find an extensive range of halters, ropes and rope halters at Art of Riding. Available in sizes mini, pony, cob, full, and Xfull from different brands such as Freedom Riding Articles, Waldhausen, USG, and Linda Tellington Jones.
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