USG Soft Neck Ring

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The Neck Ring Soft from the USG brand is a two-tone soft balance rein braided from a rope. The neck ring soft can be customized by sliding the metal ring and is therefore suitable for both horses and ponies. In the large knot of the neck ring, a large metal ring is tied to which a lead rope can be attached for groundwork. The neck ring soft from USG has a thickness of 15 mm and a length of 90 cm. The neck ring soft can be used in combination with a bridle as well without a bridle while riding. The rider learns to ride independently of the rein and provides more balance and rein feeling. By using the neck ring soft as a second rein, the horse learns to shift its weight more to the hindquarters.

  • neck ring soft / balance bracket
  • in two-tone colors
  • soft braided polypropylene
  • adjustable for horse and pony
  • with large ring for lead rope attachment
  • thickness 15 mm
  • length 90 cm
  • brand USG
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