USG Side Pull Trust Pony

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Side Pull bitless bridle Trust from the USG brand with a small stone in a hanging browband. The Side Pull Trust is anatomically shaped and softly padded behind the ears. The jaw strap is attached to the cheek pieces using a ring and prevents the noseband from sliding. Two rings stitched to the anatomically designed noseband to which the reins can connect with a clip. The noseband and cheekpieces are softly padded and adjustable on both sides with buckle closure.
  • side pull bridle Trust
  • anatomically designed
  • softly padded behind the ears, nose, and cheek pieces
  • hanging browband with stones
  • including web reins with stops and clips
  • size pony
  • colour black
  • brand USG (Germany)
The Side Pull
A bitless headpiece where the reins are attached directly to the noseband. The Side Pull has a direct rein effect through pressure on the nose and an immediate release.
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