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        Shipping & Delivery times

        !!From 01-01-2023 no more packages will be sent to an address outside Europe*!!
        We do our utmost to deliver the order to your home or to the chosen pick-up location as soon as possible. Orders are shipped within two business days from Monday to Saturday.
        However, we are not always able to fulfill this, sometimes products are not in stock (marked with on order) and then the delivery of your order may take longer. The orders placed will be processed as soon as they have been paid in full, you will receive a payment confirmation.
        An indication of the delivery time is indicated on the product page, if available at our supplier. If, for whatever reason, we do not meet this delivery time, we will, of course, inform you as soon as possible. Please
        Note: the minimum order value for shipping is € 15, - excluding shipping costs
        The following shipping costs apply for sending the order:
        Rates from 04-01-2023
        To an address in:
        • The Netherlands:
          • € 4.50 package that fits through the letterbox with PostNL
          • € 6,40 per package with DHL, PostNL or to a service point
          • Free shipping for orders from € 150,-
        • Belgium:
          • € 8.20 per package via PostNL and BPost service point
          • Free shipping for orders from € 200,-
        • Germany:
          • € 10,15 per package with DHL Free shipping for orders from € 250,-

        In other countries in Europe max 23 kg including 21% VAT

        CountryPostNLDHLapp. Delivery
        Bulgariann.a.€ 16,906 days
        Cyprus€ 28,00n.a.6 days
        Denmark€ 14,7n.a.3 days
        Estonian.a.€ 20,95 days
        Finland€ 21.-n.a.6 days
        Francen.a.€ 13,93 days
        Greecen.a.€ 17,96 days
        Hungaryn.a.€ 14,404 days
        Irelandn.a.€ 15,904 days
        Italy€ 15,00n.a.5 days
        Croatian.a.€ 15,204 days
        Latvian.a.€ 20,905 days
        Liechtenstein€ 23,00n.a.5 days
        Lithuanian.a.€ 20,904 days
        Luxembourgn.a.€ 9,902 days
        Malta€ 25,00n.a.6 days
        Ostria€ 13,00n.a.5 days
        Polandn.a.€ 11,903 days
        Portugal€ 16,60n.a.5 days
        Roemenian.a.€ 15,904 days
        Spane€ 15,20n.a.5 days
        Slovenian.a.€ 15,404 days
        Slowakian.a.€ 14,403 days
        Chzech  Republic€ 12,60n.a.6 days
        Sweden€ 19,40n.a.5 days

        Exception countries outside Europe:

        • Switzerland ( 4 days )
          • From € 17.50 shipped with PostNL ( kilo surcharge € 1.50 )
        • Norway (5-12 days)
          • from € 17.95 shipped with PostNL ( kilo surcharge € 1.95 )
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