Art of Riding offers the possibility to test a bitless bridle yourself temporarily!

Using the test service is only possible within the Netherlands! A test bridle only shipped to an address within the Netherlands!

You would like to ride bitless, but you do not yet know to which bitless bridle your horse responds best. After trying once, you can not say for sure whether your horse responds well to the bridle. On average, it takes up to 10 times before you can tell whether the bridle is suitable for your horse. That is why you can test a bitless bridle for ten days or 15 days at Art of Riding. During the test period, you will have enough time to introduce your horse and yourself to bitless riding or to try another bitless system.

You order the test bridle online. The available bridles for testing are available in the shop under test service. You pay a deposit of € 35 + € 15 * per bridle for ten days (this is the minimum test period).
Click on the bridle that you want to test, select the size, and any additional options, and place the test bridle in your shopping cart. Confirm with payment, and we ship your test bridle within two working days. The test period starts the day after the test bridle is delivered to your address or chosen service point.

The fees
For ten days € 15 and for 15 days € 22.50 with a deposit of € 35 per bridle.
At the end of the test period, you will receive an email from us as a reminder to return your test bridle to us. The costs for returning are at your own expense. You can request the return label via our return portal. (return costs € 6.95 PostNL). Enter your postcode and the order number (ORD + {number}) and deliver the package to the PostNL parcel point nearby.
When testing two bridles, no shipping costs will be charged; these will be settled with the deposit later!

The conditions
The paid deposit will be refunded, provided that the test bridle has been returned in good condition with regular signs of use. If the test bridle has been damaged by improper use or external violence, the deposit will not be refunded (in full), depending on the severity of the damage. When testing two bridles, no shipping costs are charged, these are later settled with the paid deposit.

Test bridles are not shipped to an address outside the Netherlands!

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