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    My name is Renate Essink, and owner of the Art of Riding online store. Art of Riding was founded in 2015 to offer aids for the Classical Art of Riding, such as cavesson, reins with clip, kandare, and bareback pad. The demand for Bitless bridles is increasing, and in 2016 we became a dealer of Freedom Riding Articles, and we started shipping worldwide.

    We now have many customers, and our mission is to provide riders worldwide with quality products for Bitless Riding and Classic Riding Art. We extensively test new products and my own bred horse Fernando is regularly the test horse and serves as a model for several product photos in the shop. Fernando is a large horse of 1.72 and has a relatively small head. He usually has a large cob size or small full-size bridle and is therefore extremely suitable to determine how the sizes of bridles fall.

    The Art of Riding logo stands for the combination of Classical Art of Riding & Bitless Riding; The Amazone wears a hat from the high dressage where we ended with my horse at the time, Enjoy.

    In 2005 I started training and educating my horse Nikki according to Classical Art of Riding principles. Nikki changed from a crooked and difficult to train a horse to a straight-minded, confident, and willing mare. In 2010 she gave birth to Fernando. In 2015 her body failed her, and I had to make the difficult decision to let her go.

    In 2014 Enjoy came my way, a then 4-year-old mare with a past and misunderstood by her enormous talent. According to the Classical Art of Riding principles, I started riding her bitless and on a bareback pad, so her negative associations with a bit and saddle disappeared. She changed from a rodeo horse to a willing mare trained for high school exercises.
    In 2018 she found a very loving home where her career in competitive sports has continued.

    Fernando was born in 2010 and trained him Bitless from the start according to the principles of the Classical Art of Riding. We drove many hours in the hilly forests of Laag-Soeren and the surrounding area to make it stronger and to enjoy what nature has to offer. We are now well advanced in dressage and started jumping in 2020, which he also really likes.

    Over the years, I have ridden my horses with different bitless systems and with different bits. I retrained and trained several horses from bit to bitless, but also from bitless to bit. By sharing the actions and experiences of the different bitless systems with other bitless riders, I have gained great knowledge to answer all questions about bitless riding and the different systems. It sometimes happens that products are included in the shop where, after some time it appears that they do not fully meet our expectations and are then removed from our shop.

    Art of Riding is not only a webshop, but you can also contact us for all questions about bitless riding, Classic Riding Art, and riding with a bareback pad.
    It is possible to view products in Zutphen; make an appointment by sending an email to [email protected]
    In addition to the shop, I work part-time as an employee and can therefore not always ship the products the same day or viewing the products at fixed times is not possible, but I offer this option for 7 days a week.
    Art of Riding stands for quality; if you are not satisfied, please let us know! We appreciate your opinion.

    Greetings Renate Essink


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