About Art of Riding

My name is Renate Essink and proud owner of Art of Riding.
Like many, I have learned to ride horses at a riding school, and I am crazy about horses. The most of the time I ride my horses bitless and bareback, but also with bit and a saddle according to the Academic Art of Riding

After several competition tests, I knew that that was not my thing, and I stopped with the competition tests. The riding in the arena didn't give us any more joy, and we started to ride more in the forests.

After a while, we discovered The Academic Art of Riding. We took lessons in straighten the horse according to the principles of the Academic Art of Riding. I exchanged the bridle with a bit for a cavesson, and I put the saddle in the closed and replaced it with a bareback pad.

Soon I discovered that bitless riding is not that different from riding with a bit. You can ride the same exercises and have as much fun with your horse, or much more fun and joy and more commitment. The trust in your horse is growing by the day, and it gives you a sense of freedom, especially if you ride without a saddle, which provides me with so much more joy and happiness.

Finding the ideal bitless bridle took some time. In that period, bitless bridles were not yet present in so many different systems. Therefore I made some of myself and discovered the influences of the various systems.

Partly because of my search, I started in 2015 the online shop Art of Riding. We strive for affordable quality, bitless bridles for every budget, and every horse regardless of how small or big. Also, the service comes first because we believe that for every horse, a bitless system is suitable. In addition to the bitless systems, you will also find tools for the Academic and Classical Art of Riding. In the Academic and Classical riding horses are trained bitless, but also with a bit.

Over the years, I have ride my horses with different bitless systems and with various bits. I have retrained several horses and trained from bit to bitless, but also from bitless to a bit. By sharing the experiences of the different systems with other bitless riders, I have gained sufficient knowledge to answer all questions about bitless riding and the various systems.

Art of Riding is not just a shop, but you can also contact us for all questions concerning bitless riding and ride with a bareback pad.
Do you have questions, or do you want more information? That is possible, send a message to [email protected]
Besides the shop, I work part-time, and therefore I can not always answer the phone. But just send a message, and we'll call you back as soon as possible.
Art of Riding stands for quality; if you are not satisfied, we would love to hear it!
We appreciate your opinion.

Greeting Renate Essink


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