About Art of Riding

My name is Renate Essink and horse trainer.

In the training with horses, I use different influences from horse training methods as , Straightness training, Academic Art of Riding, Centered Riding and Natural Horsemanship.

With the experience and knowledge that I've built up the last years, I can offer good advice on the equipment such as the Cavemore, Cavesson, curb bit, snaffles, hackamore, side pull, English bridles, lunging equipment, grooming etc... The equipment in our online store is from high Quality and with guaranty.

When your not satisfied, you can send it back and get your money back without any questions. 14 day's returning policy!



Art of Riding

Emmerikseweg 105

7204 SG Zutphen

The Netherlands

Phone : 0031-621588310

E-mail: info@artofriding.nl

Website: www.artofriding.nl/en

BTW: NL163272293B01

KVK: 59567961

IBAN: NL46 RABO 0147326222


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