WH Scawbrig Supersoft Bitless Bridle

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  • Bitless Bridle
  • With Scawbrig system (pressure on the lower jaw).
  • Anatomically shaped behind the poll
  • Straight browband
  • Softly padded noseband, headpiece, and browband
  • Stainless steel fittings
  • Included reins with buckle closure
  • Classic style and high-quality leather
  • from the X-Line collection by Waldhausen
  • Color black
  • Sizes Cob (VB) and Full (WB) ( Pony size available n the pony shop)

The Scawbrig consists of a noseband with a soft padded chin strap that goes through rings on both sides of the noseband. At the rings on both sides of the strap reins can be attached. When taking the reins, the pressure is applied to the lower jaw via the chin strap and the noseband slightly tightens around the nose. As soon as you release the rein, the pressure immediately decreases. The Scawbrig has a good release for clear and light communication with your horse.

The Scawbrig system can be used for work on the long rein/lines, lunging and riding. 

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