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Special for optimally removal of sand in the intestinal tract. Against chronic digestive disorders of large intestine!
Feed supplement (dietitic) for horses.
Zand-Weg includes fiber-rich sources such as psyllium husks to support a proper bowel function.
Zand-Weg forms a jelly-like mass in the intestines and binds heaped sand on the manure to subsequently leave the horse's body.
Psyllium for a optimal removal of sand and support the intestines.
How to see if your horse is suffering with heaped sand in the intestinal tract.
This is easily tested by filling half a bucket of water with 5 or 6 manure balls. Let rest the bucket for one hour and after that check the contents. If there is more than one teaspoon of sand at the bottom of the bucket, then your horse has too much sand. Give your horse Sand-Exit in order to prevent intestinal discomforts.
Feed instruction
Horse < 450 kg: 50 gr 2 times per day for 6 days long.
Horse > 450 kg: 100 gr 2 times per day for 6 days long.

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