Finesse Rein with clip brown

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Beautifully handcrafted reins with clips at both ends. The perfect fit for your cavesson, hackamore, side pull, cavemore, bit and other bridles.

Each rein is subtly detailed with beautiful charming stitches at both ends for a luxurious look.

The clip enclosure at both ends makes it easily and quickly for you to switch from lunging to work in and or riding. 


  • Finest selected supple and smooth leather
  • No closure in the middle (continuous rein)
  • Clips at both ends
  • The clips ensure that you can easily switch
  • Charming stitching gives a luxurious look
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Easy to attach to cavesson, hackamore, cavemore, side pull and a bit.


  • Brown leather with silver clips


  • 310 cm (3.10 meters)


  • 14 mm (0.14 cm)


  • High-quality leather, for long service and low maintenance.
  • Easy to connect and disconnect
  • Selected to work with cavesson, hackamore, cavemore, cavestall, and all other bitless bridles

TIP: Attach the round part of the end of the clip towards the horse. Especially with the optics where the clip is close to the horse's head. This prevents the clip from opening and can not poke into the horse's head.

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