Excellent Prominent

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The 6-in-1 product that gives extra support to the overall health and digestion of your horse.

In addition, it promotes the condition of the hooves and Prominent also provides a beautiful shiny coat. Prominent contains a balanced mix of minerals and vitamins supplemented with garlic, fenugreek, and biotin. By giving your horse 7 consecutive days of Prominent every month, you increase the general resistance and your horse can take a break!

• Gives your horse a healthy boost
• Supports overall health
• Contains biotin for a shiny coat and support for healthy hooves
• Lighting / softening of the airways

Very well suited for:
• Support for overall health
• Recovery during or after sickness
• Supports the structure of the hoof horn
• Healthy skin and beautiful shiny coat
• Supports metabolism and digestion
• Horses that graze on pastures without enough nutrients
The best combination of 6 ingredients all in one product.
Feeding guide
50 g per day per horse for 7 consecutive days every month

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