Christ Barebackpad Premium Plus Shetty

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Christ Horsedream Premium Plus in size Shetty is a treeless saddle. The seat is made entirely of sheepskin and has a depth of pile of approx. 20mm the underside only the back. The saddle flaps are not from sheepskin but made out of cotton. The Fur rolls at the side provide additional stability and increase the feeling of sitting securely.

The sheepskin seat can be unzipped and taken off and a special gullet plate can then be put into the pocket provided. The stirrup bars fixed to the gullet plate allow you to mount the horse using stirrups.

The removable padding on the left and right of the spinal canal increases the seat comfort and protects the horse's back. It leaves the spinal free from pressure.

It is especially for horses with pronounced withers that the PLUS versions of the bareback riding pads line should be used.

Like almost all other bareback pads, the bareback riding pad Basic Plus is usually ridden without stirrups. Stirrup leathers can also be attached to D-rings under the lambskin seat for better balance. Be aware that the point-pressure, by using stirrups in the rising trot, is not comfortable for the horse.

The article is machine washable with a special lambskin detergent and you can use a brush to keep your lambskin soft and fleecy.


Seat (wool) Flap (cotton) Underside (wool)
Natural Black Naturel
Black (anthracite) Black Naturel
Brown Black Naturel



  • Shetty saddle length 30 cm 
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