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      Bitless Bridles for your Pony

      Bitless Bridles for your Pony

      Would you like to ride bitless with your pony? Then you will find different bridles in the sizes of mini shet to pony in the Art of Riding shop. If you are going to ride bitless with your pony for the first time, take the time to let your pony get used to it. First make sure your pony reacts well in the walk to moving forward, halt and steering. First, ride a lot of circles and serpentines so that you can see if your pony reacts to the new bitless bridle. Make many transitions and if that goes well you can start with a few strides of trotting. While trotting, it is also important that your pony reacts well to go forward, halt and that you can steer well. Only then start the canter. With all three gaits, walk, trot and canter it is therefore very important that your pony learns to respond well to your aids. Good Luck by riding bitless with your pony!
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