Excellent Parex Pellets

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  • Increases resistance
  • activates the immune system
  • ensures good digestion!
  • herbal supplement to keep the intestinal flora and general health of horses in optimal condition.
  • composed of specific herbs and includes seaweed, molasses, and lucerne. 100% natural without chemical additives.
  • 'Pure Nature' with only positive effects on the health of all horses and ponies.

Why Equi Parex?
Because Equi Parex contributes to healthy gastrointestinal hygiene.
Because Equi Parex provides a beautiful shiny coat.
Because Equi Parex has been successfully applied to horses for years.

Optimal internal cleaning of the horse's body for good intestinal health. Choose 'The Power of Nature'.

Excellent for
• Horses of age
• Pregnant mares
• Lactating mares
• Foals from 6 months
• Performance horses (sport and workhorses)

Feeding advice
Pressed in handy tasty chunks, ideal to supply and guaranteed absorption!
Mix 5 g once a day for 5 days (successively) with the feed or as a treat from the hand. Repeat every 12 weeks. A double dose may be given if desired or in case of serious discomfort.

example feeding schedule

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