Excellent Oxy Cell

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Equi Oxy Cell contains a high proportion of iron, vitamins, and minerals (including magnesium). Iron is important for oxygen transport to, for example, the muscles. The extra oxygen also provides strength, resistance, energy, and condition.
Equi Oxy Cell has been specially developed for horses from trotting, racing and show jumping. In these disciplines it is very important to get horses fit and in good condition.

Why provide Equi Oxy Cell?

  • The condition of your horse is very important
  • The more often horses are trained, the greater the need for supplementation of iron, vitamins, and minerals
  • Promotes oxygen transport of red blood cells
  • Rich in iron, vitamins, and minerals for extra energy and performance.

Excellent for
• Horses in training
• Performance horses (sport and workhorses)

Feeding advice
In training:
Horse: 60 ml per day.
Pony: 30 ml per day.

Not in training:
Horse: 30 ml per day.
Pony: 15 ml per day.

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