WH Soft Hackamore leathers

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Hackamore leathers Soft with leather chin strap has a thick soft padding on the nose. The Noseband Soft has a universal size and adjustable by buckle closures. The chin strap is in one piece and has a buckle and is widely adjustable. This noseband and chin strap are available in black and can be combined with bitless shanks.

  • Leather noseband and chin strap
  • Universal size cob-full
  • Noseband has a thick soft padding
  • Color black with silver-colored buckles
  • Waldhausen brand
  • Hackamore shanks are available separately
  • Length noseband 23 - 27 cm
  • Noseband width 4.5 cm
  • Noseband thickness of 1.5 cm
  • Length chin strap 25 - 29 cm
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