WH Lunging aid Red / Gray Pony

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The lunging aid is a tool for lunging your horse or pony. With the correct use of this lunging aid, in which the horse is not locked in a position, the lunging aid improves the balance and stretching forwards and down. With proper use, the horse's self-posture, free use of the back, and horizontal balance are developed.

This lunging aid is less suitable for horses that stretch very far forward down with their nose towards the ground. For those horses, it is better to use the Pessoa rein, with a limit to stretching down position.

Product Features

  • Training tool for longing
  • Helps to stretch the top line
  • Easy to adjust
  • Attach to the bit by means of clips
  • Soft material


Pony: 2.70m - 3.20m
Cob: 3.20 m 3.90 m
Full: 3.60m - 4.30m

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