F.R.A. Peli Lunging Aid Cotton

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FRA Lunging Aid Peli ensures that the horse learns to relax the back and move forward better from the back. The lunging aid promotes good posture in a horse-friendly manner.

  • strong polypropylene wrapped with thick and soft cotton
  • no covers required
  • to be used with bridle and halter, for both with and without bit
  • equipped with small clips to attach to the bridle
  • easy in use
  • adjustable in length
  • fastening over the back, between the front legs to the bridle
  • supplied with a user manual


  • the lunging aid runs from behind the withers, through the front legs to the bridle or halter
  • two centering rings keep the ropes between the front legs together so that the horse cannot step in
  • Can be used with saddle and bareback pad (not intended for riding)
  • also suitable for horses with back problems or a sensitive back, there are virtually no pressure points on the back

Sizes and color:

  • Size cob, color red
  • Size full, color brown
  • Size Shire, color nature

Sizes mini, shetty and pony are available in our pony shop

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