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        Tools for Longeing the horse

        Tools for Longeing the horse

        Longeing is training the horse on a lunge line where the horse walks in a circle around the trainer. Longeing is an important part of preparing the young horse for riding. Longeing the young horse makes it supple, muscles can develop and balance is found in all gaits. For the further trained horse, longeing is a good alternative to educate your horse.


        Longeing is an important part of horse training. The purpose of longeing is that the horse is trained in both reins. While Longeing, the horse is asked to bend laterally from nose to tail and place the inner hind hoof under the mass. The outer muscles of the horse are stretched and the muscles on the inside are tightened. This will cause the horse to release the tension in the back and lower the head forward and downward.


        Longeing with training support reins can sometimes help the horse to show them the way. support reins can also have a negative effect if used incorrectly. Make sure the horse always has the freedom to move. It is not the purpose to force your horse into a certain position.


        The most commonly used Longeing tools are:


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