B&E Lili's Hairspray

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Lili's Hairspray is a Unique anti-tangle spray that makes mane and tail easy to comb and ensures a nice full tail and mane.

Lili is the most famous unicorn and usually keeps her beauty tips a secret, but beautiful hair should be for everyone!
Lili is the beauty queen at #Soulhorse and loves to dress up. Beautifully painted farmhouses and shiny hair - she's a real star even under unicorns! Lili's Hairspray is no wonder or magic, but it adds volume, and hair is easy to comb through like never before! Lili's hair spray comes with a new formula, dermatologically tested, and very caring for pony skin. What's in it is called a micro silicone oil emulsion; it loosens up dust and dirt and pushes everything else off the throne! Just spray on the tail and mane, after which no one has to bother with combing and reading.

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