F.R.A. Lunging Cavesson Keto

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The FRA Kaptoom Keto is a classic cavesson with an integrated articular chain in the noseband. The Cavesson is made entirely of supple leather with three movable rings attached to the nose. The cheek latch prevents the cheek pieces from sliding against the eye of the horse during training. The FRA Keto is equipped with removable straps for the integration of a bit. The Keto is a multifunctional bridle that can be used with or without a bit. The cavesson Keto is a system 3 of the Freedom Riding Articles bitless Diagram.

  • Multifunctional bridle
  • Can be used with or without a bit
  • For Groundwork, lunging, work in hand and riding
  • Excellent quality leather
  • Equipped with Cheek strap
  • Noseband provided with an articular chain
  • Optimum signal and pressure distribution
  • Three mobile rings at the noseband
  • Detachable bit straps, to be used in combination with or without a bit
  • System 3 of the FRA Bitless Diagram
  • Color Black and Brown
  • Sizes Cob and Full (size pony available in the pony shop)
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