F.R.A. Janosch rein with clip

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The FRA Janosch rein with clip is a continuous rein without a buckle in the middle. An ideal rein for groundwork and work in hand. The rein is strong and of first-class leather quality that feels fine and soft in the hand. The handy clip closures at both ends of the rein make it easy to attach to the rings of the bitless bridle. The rein is available in various lengths in black and brown. The FRA Janosch is delivered with various clips (see table below), with Clip A trigger hook and clip B bridle hook. Both clips are lightly weighted so that the rein is not too heavy.

  • Continuous leather rein
  • Various lengths
  • Color black and brown
  • Clip (hook) in silver and gold (not all variants)
  • Rein width 15 mm (270cm 12mm)
  • Supple first-class leather
  • Sturdy light clip/hook closure
Clip/hook type:
(The reins in stock are supplied with a hook according to the table below, this can be deviated from if not available)
Length color Hook color Hook A Hook B
250 black silver - X
250 brown silver - X
250 brown gold X -
280 black silver - X
280 brown silver - X
270 E.brown gold X  
300 black silver - X
300 brown silver - X
300 brown gold - X
325 black silver - X
325 brown silver - X

What size rein do I need?

  • Pony: 250 cm
  • Cob: 280 cm
  • Full: 300 cm
  • XFull: 325 cm
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