De Groene Os Intestine Compositium

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Intestine Compositum promotes regular stools and supports bowel function and digestion. The soothing tincture protects the intestinal wall, making it easier for the intestines to do their work.

  • it stimulates bowel movements by softening the intestinal contents
  • helps with too loose stools by stimulating the absorption of excess fluid so that the stool becomes thicker.

Use unless the veterinarian or therapist prescribes otherwise.

Horses and ponies: 20-30 drops twice a day

20 drops = 1 ml

Use in the form of a cure of 6 weeks.
Depending on the results, the course can then be extended.
After 6 weeks of use, always insert a stop week.


Plantago major (large plantain), Potentilla anserina (silver), Potentilla erecta (tormentil), Salvia officinalis (sage), Artemisia absinthium (wormwood), Ceanothus americanus (American lilac), Chamomilla vulgaris (chamomile), Ethanol 35% v / v .


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