USG Horseman halter Bling

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The horseman halter from the USG brand has a wide braided noseband decorated with stones. The stones are firmly attached to the noseband. The horseman halter is made of 9mm polypropylene and has a flador knot at the bottom of the chin. The halter is available in different color combinations, and the sizes cob / full, and in the pony shop, the size Shetty/ pony is available. The USG rope halter is ideal for groundwork and Natural Horsemanship.
  • Rope halter or also called knot halter
  • 9mm polypropylene cord
  • stones in the noseband
  • Different color combinations
  • flader button at the bottom of the chin for a lead rope attachment
  • size cob-full (size Shetty / pony available in the pony shop)
  • brand USG (Germany)


  • Shetty / pony nose circumference maximum 45 cm
  • cob / full nose circumference maximum: 62 cm
Rope halter colors:
  • dark blue-bordeaux
  • gray-burgundy
  • black-turquoise
  • brown-light blue
  • pink-black
  • Green (apple) -blue


The rope halter is a training halter. Do not tie your horse with a rope halter!
A rope halter is not suitable as a halter for the pasture, or to secure your horse or pony. The rope breaks less quickly than a stable / meadow halter and can, therefore, damage the horse if your horse gets stuck.
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