Horse Fly Trap

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Horse Fly Trap Ball
The most inexpensive Horse Fly Trap. Horse Fly Trap Ball is the effective weapon in the fight against Horse Flies. With the Horse Fly Trap Ball, you can bring down the pressure in the immediate area in no time.

A Horse Fly Trap Ball contaminated with the right glue is good for a radius of 50 meters (= 7850 m²). Use the supplied brush to lubricate the glue on the ball.

Why do horse owners choose the Horse Fly Trap Ball:

  • Super appeal
  • The solution that works
  • Use everywhere
  • No chemical control
  • Captures 300 to 500 meshes per day
  • Easy to hang
  • Attractively priced
  • Adhesive surface: 6300 cm²
  • Has a long after-effect because it retains heat for a long time
  • Optimal operation with a radius of 50 meters around
  • Ball size: 45 cm
  • Content glue: 750 ml (good for 10 Horse Fly Trap balls)

First, inflate the Horse Fly Trap Ball 45 cm and hang it on the desired spot (Half sun half shade out of reach of children and animals). Then with this brush a thick line of glue with the: Horse Fly Trap Glue (Glue) on the top (around) of the Horse Fly Ball, 10 cm under the handle. Hold the handle while applying the glue to keep the ball still. Because the glue becomes warm, it slowly drips downwards with stripes. With the brush, you can distribute the Horse Fly Trap Glue advantageously over the ball.

Horse Fly Trap Glue

The perfect and professional fly trap glue for catching insects (insects) naturally without the use of pesticides (poison). Adheses excellent for a long duration (up to 5 months). Horse Fly Trap Glue is weather and rain resistant.

Very economical to use! Hang a new ball when it is full of insects. Safety information (see reverse). Hang out of reach of children and horses.

And then .. catch it!

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