Excellent Horse Electrolytes Powder

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Horse Electrolytes is perfect for absorbs and retains moisture. Contains important salts and minerals for a quick recovery of the body!
Supplementary feed (diet feed) for horses.
Horse Electrolytes contains excellent electrolytes in an unique dextrose-mix.
Horse Electrolytes is the perfect supplement of salts and ensures that the horse better absorbs and retains moisture.
Horse Electrolytes takes care of a quick recovery of the body. Is perfect for loss of water through sweating during exercise or hot weather or in stressful situations.
Horse Electrolytes contributes to the normal function of the muscles and is perfect for quick recovery after (heavy) exercise.

After intense sweating or by hot weather is water not enough for a fast recovery.

Feed instruction
25 gram per 1 liter water; 2 days before until two days after the exercise (Maximum 100 gr per day).
Water should be available at all times.

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