Excellent Horse Electrolytes Pellets

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Article number: HORS01003
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  • for effective recovery of the fluid balance at any time!
  • complementary feed (diet feed) for horses
  • to compensate for electrolyte loss during heavy sweating
  • contains important salts, vitamins and minerals.
  • to prevent moisture loss through sweating during exercise
  • pressed pellet, very convenient for direct use

With heavy sweating, a horse loses electrolytes (salt) in addition to moisture. A horse's sweat contains more electrolytes (for example, potassium, chlorine, sodium and calcium) per liter of fluid than blood and other body substances.

Pressed in handy tasty chunks for immediate use.
Ideal for on the road and during a match. Sugar free!

Feeding advice

During an event / competition / exciting situation / warm weather:
Horse / pony: 30 - 40 g per day. In 2 portions: before exercise and during or after exercise.
When traveling or during transport:
Horse / pony: 60 - 90 g per day. In 2 or 3 servings during the day

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