Nettex Summer Hoof Moisturiser

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Nettex Summer Hoof Moisturiser is a high quality, breathable cream which aids in maintaining moisture levels within the hoof during the summer months.

  • Promotes and works to maintain healthy, supple hooves.
  • Breathable formulation to maintain hoof suppleness and aid moisture retention.
  • Supple hooves are less likely to suffer cracks, splits and chipping.
  • Contains an advanced blend of moisturising agents to help maintain the ideal moisture balance.
  • Contains Biotin, Lanolin and Keratin to maintain and sustain healthy hooves.
  • Use daily through the summer to promote and maintain healthy hooves.

Size: 400 ml

Directions for use:

Ensure the hooves are clean and dry before application.
Using a soft brush or sponge apply to the entire hoof wall including the coronary band, sole and frog.
Allow the moisturiser to absorb for a few minutes before turning the horse out.
For best results apply daily. In cases of very weak and brittle hooves apply as often as required.

Key ingredients: Keratin, Biotin, Lanolin and an advanced blend of moisturising agents.

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