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        Fit Kits Hoof Boots

        A Fit Kit are lower shells of the hoof shoe models and are therefore only the soles and without upper parts and closures. Show more



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        Cavallo FitKit BFB

        Cavallo FitKit BFB

        FitKit for the BFB (XL) hoof boots
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        € 15,-*
        What is a Fit Kit?
        A Fit Kit consists of several shells of a hoof shoe. It is only the soles, so without the upper part and closures. A Fit Kit is a tool to determine the correct size of Cavallo Hoof Boots. A Fit Kit is rented and returned within seven days. Your horse cannot walk with the Fit-Kit; it is only intended to determine which size fits best.
        Using this test service is only possible within the Netherlands and Belgium! A Fit-Kit is therefore only sent to an address in the Netherlands or Belgium!
        The rental costs are € 15- for seven days. A deposit of € 50 is charged per Fit-Kit. So you pay € 65 for a Fit-Kit. You will receive the deposit of € 50,- back as soon as we have received the Fit-Kit back clean and complete without any defects.
        Below the overview of all Fit-Kits, you will find more information about how renting works. Read through the information first, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with customer service.

        The most frequently asked questions about the Art of Riding test service.

        When do I rent a Fit Kit?
        If the sizes of your horse do not fall within the size chart of the boot in question, a Fit Kit is a solution. You can first rent a Fit Kit to see if The sole of the shoe conforms to your horse's hooves.
        When should I return the Fit-Kit?
        You rent a Fit-Kit for seven days, after which you send it back. In these seven days, you can assess yourself or, together with your farrier, which size fits best. The rental period starts on the day the package is delivered. So, for example, if you have received the package on Monday, send it back to us the following Monday.
        What are the costs of renting a Fit-Kit?
        We ask € 15 per Fit-Kit for a rental period of seven days. In addition, a deposit of € 50,- will be charged per Fit-Kit. You will receive the deposit back as soon as we have received the Fit-Kit back and the conditions of the test service have been met. The rental prices are exclusive of shipping and return costs. The shipping and return costs are charged separately.
        Terms of the test service.
        For renting a Fit-Kit, we charge a deposit of € 50,-  per Fit-Kit. The deposit will be refunded as soon as we have received the Fit-Kit back without defects, clean and complete as rented. You return the Fit-Kit to us no later than seven days after delivery. Through the return portal. The Fit-Kit comes with a label with the QR code for returning via our return portal. For returns via the return portal, € 5.75 will be deducted from the deposit for the shipping costs. 
        If the Fit-Kit is not registered and returned by the seventh day at the latest, we will charge an additional fee of € 5 per day. So make sure you register and return the Fit Kit on the seventh day at the latest!
        In the case of more than one Fit-Kit, the shipping costs of the chosen carrier will be deducted for sending to the specified address of the deposit. (For orders > € 100,- no shipping costs will be charged within the Netherlands. For Belgium, for orders > € 150,-)
        How can I order a Fit Kit?
        1. Go to the page with the available Fit-Kits.
        2. Select your Fit-Kit and three sizes
        3. Place the Fit-Kit in your shopping cart.
        4. Please enter your details so that we know where the Fit-Kit can be sent.
        5. Confirm with a payment*
        6. Your Fit-Kit will be shipped within two working days
        7. If your desired Fit-Kit cannot be ordered, it is rented out and will be available again after the rental period.
        *The deposit cannot be refunded via Klarna (pay afterward). For this, we would like to receive the bank account number on which the deposit can be refunded.
        When and how do I return the Fit-Kit?
        You send the Fit-Kit back to us no later than seven days after the package has been delivered via our return portal. In the return portal, you register the return and print out the return label. You stick the label on the box and ensure that the packing slip is closed so that we know that the package comes from you if the tag is damaged or illegible. Hand in the package at the package point of the chosen carrier (PostNL, DHL, or BPost). There is no need to pay. The costs for returning (€5.75) will be deducted from the refundable deposit.
        How do I determine which Fit-Kit I should rent?
        Follow the fitting instructions to measure the horse's hoof. In the table of the Cavallo Hoof Boots, you can find the right size for your horse. You then order the Fit-Kit and select three soles; the most suitable size, one size larger, and one size smaller.
        Is Fit-Kit available for all models and sizes?
        YES, Cavallo uses the same sole for every hoof boot. A Fit-Kit is, therefore the same for all hoof boots.
        Can I also rent several Fit-Kits at the same time?
        Yes, you can order multiple Fit-Kits to rent. The Fit-Kits are shipped to you together per order. Any shipping costs that are not charged for sending will later be reduced by the deposit paid.
        I don't live in the Netherlands. Can I use the test service?
        The Art of Riding test service is only available in the Netherlands and Belgium. Fit-Kits are therefore not sent to an address outside the Netherlands or Belgium.
        Do you also come on location to fit?
        No, unfortunately, it is not possible to come to the location for a fitting session.
        Can I also pick up the in Zutphen?
        It is unfortunately not possible to pick it up in Zutphen.
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