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        Hoof boots FAQ

        Q: Why should you wear shoes?

        A: Hoof boots are an excellent alternative to traditional horseshoes. The advantages are that hoof boots are removable, provide full protection, are flexible, support the entire hoof, and are cheaper than horseshoes. You can use Some hoof boots with shoes as well as with "bare feet."

        The regular size usually fits a narrower hoof, and the wide size usually fits a rounder hoof. Cavallo hoot boots have a normal sole and a slim sole. The slim fit has a narrower fit, and the regular has a rounder fit.

        Q: When is the best time to measure the size?

        A: within 14 days after trimming
        Q: Are hoof boots suitable for every horse?A: No, your horse is less suitable for the following symptoms:
        1. your horse drags its hooves; this gives excessive wear to the sole of the shoe.
        2. your horse walks closely so that the shoes brush against each other with every step; this gives extreme wear on the inside of the shoes.
        Q: Do the hoof boots have to be broken in?

        A: Just like with your own new shoes, your horse must gradually wear in his new Cavallo Boots! The leather backing will mold to your horse's unique hoof balls, so the shoes will literally mold to your horse's feet!

        We recommend starting 15-20 minutes before wearing the new shoes; from there, you can build up while keeping an eye on your horse's comfort. You can use the Pastern Wraps to prevent sanding of the edges.

        Q: Can my horse wear hoof boots on both the front and back hoofs?

        A: Hoof boots can be used on the front and back hooves. Most riders only use them on the forefronts to keep their horse comfortable on any terrain. If you find that your horse would benefit from carrying them on the hind feet, that is certainly possible.

        Q: How long will the hoof boots last?

        A: Under average conditions and with proper care, the Cavallo Hoof Shoe's life is 1 - 2 years. Let there be. Practical experiences where the hoof shoe lasts much longer.

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