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        Equine Hoof Boots

        Equine Hoof Boots

        Hoof boots for horses and ponies in sizes from mini to extra large. You will find comfortable hoof boots in our webshop to protect the horse's hoof for every terrain.
        Reliable horse hoof boots ensure that you and your horse can ride safely through any terrain at any speed. Easy to customize, easy to apply, easy to use, and easy to maintain. Hoof boots are available in different models and sizes. They can be used, among other things, during riding, therapy, recovery from injuries, and as protection during transport—the simplest, safest hoof boots with the best value for money.

        You will find hoof boots from the Cavallo brand and replacement accessories and replacement parts for hoof boots in our range. Cavallo hoof boots are known for their quality, simplicity, and ease to put on and take off.

        With the help of a simple manual, you can measure your horse or pony size to order the right size boots. The hoof boots are supplied per piece because most horses have a difference in size per hoof. Or delivered in pairs. You can use a hoof boot on only the front hooves, only the back hooves, or for all four hooves.

        If you still doubt whether the shoe will fit, you can order a special test kit. You will then receive different sizes to fit. These test kits only consist of the liner and are not complete hoof boots. If you would like to test a pair of hoof boots, you can rent a test pair from us for several days. More information about the hoof boots testing service can be found on our test service page in the shop.

        The test service is only available in The Netherlands and Belgium.

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