FNA Himalayan lick heart shape

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FNA® licks made from natural crystal salt are free from contamination of water surfaces. These royal licks have a natural food quality and have an unlimited shelf life when dry. Natural salt is very hard, which is why animals cannot bite off the salt easily, as with artificially manufactured stones. Remarkably, animals prefer FNA® licks from their natural instinct.

Why the FNA® lick stone?

In contrast to the sodium licking stones with artificially added minerals, which usually consist of 99.9% sodium chloride, FNA® licks contain many pure natural elements such as iron and magnesium. As well as a multitude of trace elements that your horse's body can absorb.

Benefits of FNA® lick stone:

  • very hard, horses cannot be bitten
  • the horse only picks up as needed
  • if stored properly, have an unlimited shelf life (dry and moisture-free)
  • meet food quality (Codex Alimentarius)

Because it is a natural product, slight deviations can occur.

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