Excellent Hi Gloss Spray

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  • Gloss Spray for tail and mane!
  • Super quality product!
  • Combines the 7 most important properties for a shiny and voluminous look
  • For a competition, show or any other event
  • Dries Quickly, detangels fast
  • Gives hair great volume, a wonderful shine, it doesn't attract dirt and has an non-sticky W/O water-oil formula

This product will entire fulfill your expectations!

All the benefits of Hi Gloss:

  • Super detangler.
  • does not stick.
  • For wet and dry hair
  • Braids remains possible.
  • Invisible layer with long lasting effects.
  • Freshness.
  • Skin friendly.
  • Dirt- and urine repellent 
  • Hi Gloss "Show effect".
  • Super combable.
  • Gives extra volume.
  • feels  soft as silk
  • Magic effect.



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