Hay Slowfeeder 40 cm

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Article number: HOOI018
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Slow feeding hay and preventing stable boredom!

Unique hay feeder for all grazing animals. Made of extremely strong, UV resistant Polyamide plastic, making it practically indestructible. The specific openings ensure that the hay is gradually released and the digestion is optimal.
Because of its round shape, it is also a play ball for the stable that prevents boredom. Easy to fill, lift, hang and clean. Perfect for the stable, in the trailer and in the pasture.

  • Extremely strong and UV resistant material
  • Gradual dosage through specific openings
  • Also serves as a toy
  • Easy to fill
  • To hang up
  • Ideal for the stable, pasture or trailer
  • Colors gray, pink and green
  • Diameter 40 cm

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