De Groene Os Harvest Mites Removal Card

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A handy plastic card with two notches to remove large and small ticks safety from people and animals. The card has the size of a creditcard and fits in every wallet. That way you always have it with you.

Been to the forest?
When returning home, check yourself, your family members and animals if there is not a harvest mite on the body or if it is already fix bitten.
If a harvest mite is not stuck, you can grab it, crush it and throw it away. If it's stuck, remove it with a special harvest mite remover card.

The remover card

  • handy size
  • format of a bank card
  • two notches: for adults and very small harvest mites (nymphs)
  • with this small notch you can also remove wasp or bee horns

The advantage of the harvest mite card:

  • the harvest mite is not compressed or twisted

These actions can irritate a harvest mite so that he empties his stomach contents into the bloodstream. This increases the chance of transmitting diseases.
For the same reason, the harvest mite should not be anesthetized with alcohol or essential oil.

character remover card

Do you doubt whether you or any of your animals might have suffered something from a harvest mite bite? Then take it for sure and visit the doctor or the vet.

This information is intended for educational purposes only and does not replace the advice of a veterinarian.

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