WH Hackamore X-Line

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The Hackamore from the X-line collection from Waldhausen with an anatomically shaped and soft padding behind the ears. The cheekpieces and chin strap are adjustable on both sides. The adjustable jaw strap gives the bridle more stability and prevents the cheekpieces from sliding against the eyes. The bridle has a hanging and softly padded browband. The chin strap is more than adjustable and has a removable soft padded part. The noseband is adjustable on two sides and super soft padded. The shanks are 18 cm long and 8.5 cm wide. The horse's cheek is protected with soft detachable padding at the shanks. The reins are divisible, 16 mm wide, with stops and buckle closure at both ends.
  • Anatomically shaped and softly padded head piece
  • Suspended softly padded browband
  • Extra soft padded noseband
  • Adjustable cheek pieces and chin strap on both sides
  • Adjustable jaw strap for more stability
  • Stainless steel fittings
  • Delivered with dividable reins with stops
  • Color black and brown
  • Size Cob and Full 
  • Rein length ca 275 cm
Stylish, high-quality bridle - the X-Line collection from Waldhausen. 180 years of competence in leather processing ensure top quality and a perfect fit. Only the best leather is used for the X-line series and is processed by the most experienced saddle makers. Waldhausen bridles for riders with a sense of quality.
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