Marjoman Hackamore Bridle

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The hackamore is made of European cow leather and produced at the Marjoman factory in Spain. The bridle fits well with the horse's head from the start due to the supple leather quality. The chin strap is softly padded and more than adjustable on both sides with buckle closure. The noseband and browband are softly padded and have beautiful decoration in the middle. Rings are attached to the noseband as a cavemore effect, these can easily be removed. The shanks can be removed or replaced with Chicago screws at the noseband and cheekpieces. The headpiece is a straight and soft underlay. The bridle can be adjusted on both sides with the cheekpieces. The jaw strap can be adjusted through a buckle and is glued to the cheekpieces, which prevents shifting.


  • Souple European cow leather
  • Produced in Spain
  • Smooth leather from the start
  • With shanks from our range
  • Sizes Cob and Full
  • Colors
    • black with silver fittings
    • Havana/brown with golden fittings
  • No reins included


  Cob Full
Noseband 25 cm 30 cm
Chinstrap 23.5 - 29 cm 27.5 - 32 cm
Browband 40 cm 43 cm
Bridle 88 - 106 cm 96.5 - 118 cm
Jaw strap 43 - 55 cm
51 - 60 cm


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