Groundwork & Lunging

Groundwork & Lunging

Groundwork is the basis for your horse in which you work together whereby communication, increase mutual respect and trust,  prepare the "young" horse for further training. It is also a nice change in riding and lunging.
To start with groundwork, you need a few tools; this depends on performing groundwork.
According to the Natural Horsemanship methods, you use a rope halter, lead rope, and a carrot stick with string.
According to the principles of Classical and Academic Art of Riding, or Straightness, you use a cavesson, a short or shortened lunge line (minimum 6 meters), and a stick (whip).
Lunging is excellent training to improve the horse condition. The horse becomes smoother in body and limbs, builds up muscle, and develops more balance in all gaits. The horse learns to bend on both sides and to place and use the hindquarters and legs correctly.
Lunging is mainly done in a lunging circle or the riding arena. Consider the horse's level of training when working on a circle. The smaller the circle, the more the horse has to bend the hindquarters' joints and carry more weight.
Aid reins help guide the horse and are not intended to force the horse into a frame or position. According to Classical and Academic Art of Riding principles, no training aids are used during lunging.
You can use various aids during lunging such as:
  • Lunging whip, carriage whip, or pointer
  • Cavesson with a lunge line
  • Bitless bridle with lunging strap
  • Bridle with a bit (possibly with bit lunging strap)
  • Halter (meadow, stable, knot, or rope)
  • Longe girth
  • Double long lines
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