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      De Groene Os Provarium Breeding Horse & Pony

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      Product description

      Provarium Breeding helps to keep the hormone balance in balance and thus supports the cycle in mares. Also, to dampen an excess of sex drive in stallions and geldings.
      Provarium Breeding supports an average hormone balance. Support healthy fertility by mares. Then start three months before the mating and stop when the mare is pregnant.
      Especially in the spring, animals can have to deal with hormones that are slightly too active. As a result, mares can suffer a lot from their heat and experience discomfort. During that period, they are barely manageable for their caretakers. 
      Male animals that are constantly looking for a partner can suffer from this. They then no longer relax and can cause a lot of nuisance by, for example, breaking out, keeping the neighbors awake (think of males), or harassing the rest of the animals they live with.
      Provarium Breeding is often successfully supplemented with Trias Omega.
      Horses and ponies: 1 level measuring spoon through the feed once a day (moisten the powder slightly to prevent it from being blown out of the feed trough)
      1 scoop Horse & Pony = 4.4 grams
      Vitex agnus castus Fructus (monk's pepper).
      Nothing else! No unnecessary fillers.
      Vitex agnus castus (monk's pepper) is best known for supporting a healthy female hormone balance.
      The plant supports the ovaries' regulatory function, mainly the corpus luteum (yellow body) function, a part of the ovary formed from the follicle after ovulation and ensures progesterone production. At the beginning of pregnancy, the corpus luteum produces the hormones that ensure that the endometrium remains well perfused and has a favorable composition for the embryo. In addition, it normalizes the production of estrogens, hormonal substances that are important, among other things, in the cycle and pregnancy. It also supports the average production of progesterone, an important hormone that stimulates the endometrium to prepare for the implantation of a fertilized egg.
      In a gelding and stallion, Agnus Castus supports the average production of testosterone. However, too high a testosterone level can have a significant influence on behavior.
      Details Interactions
      Please do not use it in hormonal disorders. Also, please do not use it during pregnancy and lactation.


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