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Pharmox Horse & Pony Glucosamine is a liquid supplement with apple flavor for horses and ponies. Previously called Pharmox Dr. Horse Joint. The product is a balanced combination of glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM for horses and ponies. The syrup is easy to dose and suitable for daily use.

Pharmox Horse & Pony Glucosamine is recommended for both young horses and older horses.

Joint problems and osteoarthritis in horses
Joint problems occur regularly in horses. Almost all horses, whether they are used in sport, recreational or for breeding, sooner or later have to deal with them.

The musculoskeletal system has been seriously tested over the years. Especially the joints of the horse get it hard to endure. Especially the joint cartilage is very fragile, the cartilage of a horse can easily be damaged. By day-to-day wear, for example, but also due to injuries, or due to heavy load. Joint problems can be prevented or dealt with by protecting the cartilage and improving the "lubrication" of the joint.

Glucosamine / Glucosamine Sulfate

Glucosamine is extracted from shellfish and crustacean shellfish.

Glucosamine sulfate has been used for years for the maintenance of supple joints and healthy cartilage. It is an amino sugar that occurs naturally in the body. Glucosamine is used in the construction and maintenance of cartilage, joint capsule, tendons, and other 'connective tissues'. It also plays a positive role in maintaining the synovial fluid. The latter is very important. Cartilage does not contain blood vessels and is only fed via the synovial fluid.

Glucosamine sulfate was first discovered as a food supplement and applied in the horse world. Later the supplement was also used in humans.


Chondroitin is a component of the cell matrix.


MSM is organically bound sulfur that occurs naturally in all living organisms.

What is Glucosamine?
Glucosamine is a substance in the body, which is found in increased concentrations in joints, cartilage (cartilage matrix), synovial fluid and tendons.


The recommended standard daily dose of 100 ml is suitable for horses from 550 to 600 kg. (adult warmblood). For lighter or heavier horses/ponies can be converted proportionally.

Exp. Date 09-2022

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