F.R.A. Star Shanks Silver

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Article number: 3320690461
Delivery time: within 2 workdays + shipping
  • In pair delivered
  • Width shank  85 mm
  • Color silver 
  • Star shanks simply to fasten at the bitless nose straps
  • Multiple variation possibilities (hybrid)
  • Brand FRA (Freedom Riding Articles)


Extra information:

The star shanks have multiple fastening options. The shanks can be used in combination with the bitless nose straps. The star shanks can be used as hackamore and as side pull. The Hackamore with the Star shanks and the flower shanks are called hybrid hackamore, because of the multiple-use options.

Shape: Round
Rating: Mild
Colours: Silver, Golden
Sizes: 8,5 cm
Brand: Freedom Riding Articles
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