F.R.A. Rebecca Side Pull Bridle

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The Side Pull Rebecca from FRA is a Bitless Bridle that falls under category 3 of the Freedom Riding Articles bitless bar. The bridle is made of supple quality leather with a hanging browband with Swarovski stones. The anatomical headpiece, browband, and noseband are softly padded. The bridle is adjustable on the cheek pieces, noseband, and jaw strap. The jaw strap prevents the cheek pieces sliding against the horses eyes. The noseband is decorated with small Swarovski stones.
  • It looks like a snaffle bridle.
  • Top-quality leather
  • Softly padded headpiece. noseband and browband
  • Includes clip-on reins
  • Swarovski stones in the browband
  • Fully anatomically designed
  • Suitable for the green up to a highly trained horse
  • Suitable for the novice riders
  • KNHS approved for official competitions
  • Not available in little or extra full sizes
  • Black with silver-colored buckles and rings
  • Havana with silver-colored buckles and rings
Size chart:
Measure A - Nose circumference B-jaw strap C - headpiece Browband Noseband
cob 50 - 58 cm 34 - 43 cm 82-106 cm 40 cm 41 cm
Full 52 - 57 cm 41 - 50 cm 92-115 cm 44 cm 44 cm


The size table shows the sizes of this bridle. Measure the size to determine which size you need. The following sizes are required for this Side Pull:
A: Nose circumference: 1-2 fingers below the cheekbone
B: Jaw strap: 1-2 fingers under the eye
C: Headjoint: from the noseband, behind the ears to the noseband

In the blog, we explain how you can take measurements.


Side Pull, how it acts.
Literally translated, the word side pull means: 'pulling sideways.' Opening the rein by moving it away from the neck puts pressure on the cheekpiece and noseband on the other cheek of the horse's head. As a result, the horse deviates from pressure, and a position can be asked or to avert. Holding back by equal pressure via the rein (hold up) results in a one-sided relief of pressure on the nose. This, of course, in combination with other supportive body aids.

Category Bitless Beam FRA:
The Side Pull falls under Category 3.

The side pull has a bitless bridle with direct impacts. The Side Pull corresponds to the direct action and a good simple bridle for both rider and horse. The Side Pull is used in combination with light rein contact and is very suitable for sensitive horses. As a result, the bridle is particularly suitable for riding young horses and sensitive horses standing high in the blood. The Side Pull is also very suitable for correcting 'ridden' horses with fear of the rider's hand. The simplicity of the bridle also makes it suitable for the novice rider.

After use, wipe with a damp cloth. Grease if necessary or once a week. You can read more information about leather maintenance in our leather maintenance blog.

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